Visiting The Best Rim Shop In The World !!

Jerry Tweek

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    1. jose Estebes

      Crazy I live in santa puala mtw

    2. Christian Santos

      Your a good guy Jerry, always thinking about your familia 😉👍💯

    3. Bryan C.

      Jerry, you should bring your mom to my home town Plant City Florida and take her to the Strawberry festival every February. We have the best strawberry short cakes

    4. Trokiando_cuh

      Jerry love your channel and everything you do bro. Keep it going. Just wondering what’s the rim shops name

    5. Sp Julyer

      Damn man I didn’t know u were here in Santa Paula for ur rims

    6. Ron Jeremy805

      Come back to Santa 😢 my favorite takuache was in my city

    7. Nathan Lopez

      My uncle desighns them and makes them

    8. Nathan Lopez

      My uncle works there In main st santa paula

    9. dominique817

      I swear same thing happened to me whenever I had 28s! I just knew I was being extra careful whenever I was driving but still was replacing tires every 3 months for bubbles

    10. Chillo Studio

      those strawberries look bomb

    11. Head Honcho

      Honestly should have sticked with 6’s

    12. Alice de Tejas

      Them strawberries 🍓 looked so fresh super nice of you to take them to your mom. 💕

    13. Hungry 420

      Born and raised in BAKERSFIELD CA💯💪

    14. GeRm PlayZ

      4:00 whats the name of the rola

    15. Yommis

      Blast music cuhhh

    16. Junior Oseguera

      What’s that song you payed going thru the fields called ?

    17. Chevy Silverado18

      I’m from Oxnard I got my truck lowered in mtw Santa Paula

    18. Roberto Cano Martinez

      Soy nuevo en tu canal y opino que también agas videos en español

    19. Chito Juarez

      Good stuff bro keep doing your thing love them videos

    20. Jose Guzman

      Habla español no sea mamón verga paisano

    21. Cisco B Castro

      Yea i was just driving without tire 😅 add some rubber bro!


      rims paradise!! it aint easy being a takuache!

    23. Wes SMD

      And show off your truck

    24. Wes SMD

      You should come to NYC

    25. Cesar Jimenez

      Into song name?

    26. Nano Rubio

      What’s the name of your rims

    27. Jose Barron

      Watzz up my bro you think you can possibly give me the info to that shop. Gracias and awesome videos watch them all 😎💯💯💯💯

    28. Mario Villa

      i soccer videos and the the bike with speakers looks cool i I want to make one like that

    29. Giovanni Guerrero

      The artist that sings olor a kush?? Pásenla se suena perra la rola

    30. Alison Reyes

      Let me join SA

    31. Official989 BMX

      They should have hooked you up with some to drive on

    32. Cruz Zapata

      @2:17 oof anyone else hear that

    33. Brayan Delapaz

      Aye what's up I see your vids I got rims and tires at same place MTW IN SP bit I don't drive truck I drive mustang v6 base let's meet up would like to meet you and be in your vid do some cool shit....hmu

    34. adrian cruz

      13. Mins of could of watch vice. Not hating just same kinda customer that comes to the shop boring and annoying.

    35. lordspookyboi

      Lol he calls them “rims” 😂👍🏽

    36. Marco Amezcua

      Y cuanto cuestan esos rines son caros verdad

    37. Chester Cheethos

      The red one we look good in your truck

    38. elcoolguy92

      What’s the name of the corrido playing on the way to the shop?

    39. Carl Aycock


    40. Carl Aycock


    41. Jonathan Rogers

      What size tires are they

    42. Rodolfo Vargas

      who singin that intro

    43. Paco Infante

      El compa jerry en Santa Paula !!

    44. Derrick Wilson

      Heaven 🙏

    45. aynjel011

      Dude u gonna end up broke with those big ass wheels y esas putas low profile llantitas that cant handle rough road and potholes. Tire and wheel companies are happy you making them richer. As of me no thanks i prefer regular rims big beefy tires.

    46. Erick Penaloza

      Homie get a new truck , your truck is slow!

    47. Clap-N-Culitos

      I would give Jerry and his parents a millon likes if could yall the best much love and yall stay safe ❤🙏

    48. John Perez

      What was the name of the rim shop.... keep up the great video

    49. Israel Camacho

      Firmesss 😉 la jefita es lo MAXIMO😍

    50. Vapor Clipz

      aye jerry tweek grow a mullet cuhh lol

    51. Noe1ia

      what? Jerry Tweek in Santa Paula 🥺

    52. Uri

      How tf do you mount those 🤯🤯😂

    53. Emilio Magana

      I respect this compa he was in the snake pit. Much love from the 805 & vta county


      Shesshh Juniors de California 🔥🔥🔥💪🏼

    55. alonso estrada

      Bro I live in the area you were in Santa Paula if you see this comment hit me up on my ig it's lonzothegee I have a truck as my profile I would really appreciate it if you came to Fillmore and sed hi and what's up you know I started watching you since you got air bags on your truck

    56. Stay Lifted

      Real to the core 🙏🏽 stay up my boy 🤙🏽

    57. 5.4 Ronaldo

      Damn chingo be billete to fix these or new tires etc

    58. Elias Olaya

      What’s the song name.??

    59. Fernando Mendoza

      I've be watching your videos almost 24/7 . Que viva la Raza🇺🇸🇲🇽💪🏼. You expired me to get a truck💯🤙🏼. Take care cuh.

    60. Takuahe 805

      I live in Santa Paula I saw you with the red truck

    61. Mark Avila

      I have 199O Chevy single cab short bed on airbags. I want it to go up Nd down faster. What size airlines do you recommend?

    62. KingOfNaptown🎵

      My new fav. KGupr!! Loving the vids, truck and mtw wheels!!

    63. Arturo Flores

      U should do a outtroll

    64. Vic R

      Where’d you get the “75% of the time” statistic from!? 🧢

    65. Vic R

      The strawberries are the most beautiful part of this vlog! 🍓

    66. jose151348

      Where did you go And where did you get the strawberries We have bomb strawberries here in watsonville CA

    67. Ezequiel El cuhh

      I seen you at takuache land you where in a black truck

    68. sebway eatfresh

      What’s the song on 4:02 badd


        Olor a kush Juniors de California

    69. Young Lima bean

      You should have lifted it 🙅🏻‍♂️

    70. Luis Herrera •

      What kicks you got on they look clean asf 🔥

    71. david arzate

      Ugly rims

    72. Cristian Gomez

      Pareces que estás en mexico 🇲🇽 😕

    73. Jesus Bautista

      Jerry listenin to the slappers🤝🏼💯🍻

    74. YMM LUKKY

      I can’t imagine how many people told jerry that he wouldn’t make it This shows me that anybody can be successful just by being humble

    75. Armando Magallon

      You passed through my beautiful CITY of Fillmore, to get there bro. VENTURA COUNTY... that's wussup. 805

    76. The Slow Silverado

      What's the song at 4:00?


        Olor a kush - juniors de California

    77. Anonymous

      Big wheels are cool and all, been there done that. But don’t be that guy that buys wheel/tires that are worth more than the damn car. Be better off saving up to get a real nice whip. New rides don’t need flashy wheels to stand out.

    78. isael luna

      Compa Lalo should get the first rims he showed

    79. sauluchie 323

      3:40 song?


        Olor a kush- Los Juniors de California

    80. Super I hater


    81. World Of Ace's

      Oh and lion harts cheap af those tires are made for 20,000 miles max. They ball up and start making noise.

    82. World Of Ace's

      People dont go bigger then 26 if not you going to have tire issues every other week. Specially if you don't check your tire pressure. Your basically running on rubber bands so if your air pressure ain't right the sides bust. All my buddys throwing them 8s out not the buisness. Risking ur life and others.

    83. statikk houston

      Que 🧻 con el 🐥 jerry

    84. Jesus

      Am I the only one that tryed to find those mini rims online

    85. Christopher Aguilar

      3:55 what’s the song ?


        Olor a kush- Los Juniors de California

    86. 10k Rms

      Where is these place at i need some new shoes for my truck

    87. x ZENTRIX_-

      Almost at 200k bro let’s goo 💪🏼

    88. Texohtic Citllali


    89. Jose Reyes

      He got the jams what’s the Grupo ?


        Los Juniors de California

    90. Junior Lopez

      Dose rims that are going to florida you should put them on your daily truck

    91. Junior G

      Llantero watching this 👁👄👁

    92. fattnick ,

      What's the name of the song in the intro?

    93. TonyAplus Vasquez

      The intro to the videos is to dramatic

    94. A&S skating skate bored

      Heart my comment💯

    95. myecko95

      🤣🤣 señor me puede dar este bolillo 🤣🤣 Subscribe to my channel guys !!! 😎

    96. SFC Wil37

      Man they got some heat !!!!

    97. Ernesto Hernandez

      Jerry vas a venir para Oklahoma para el show ?

    98. 2adayz Seysobless

      I need contact them for barrel design...

    99. Erik Ortiz

      Not really into these kind of trucks but respect to any one who are

    100. janeth garcia

      You came to cuhhlorado and I did not see you😪😪